Fishing lines with multiple hooks with prey such as mackerel, saury pike etc are cast for 6 hours, awaited for 3 hours and lifted for 15 hours. Length of fishing lines is 150km and tuna caught with daily quantity of 1.5 tons is treated on board including drawing blood from and stored at minus -60° degrees.


Port entry

Tuna caught is carried by fishing or transport vessel with storage of minus -50° degrees to the port.


Tuna unloaded at port is selected by type and size and loaded into vehicle with freezer.


Transfer to freezer van

Being loaded into the freezer van, tuna is swiftly delivered to storage room of minus -60° degrees within 10 minutes of drive.


Super frozen storage

Tuna is stored at storage room of minus 50° degrees before receipt of order.



According to strict criteria (colour, elasticity, fat exc), tuna is graded as A.B.C.D at a place in super frozen storage room.


Cutting rid of inedible parts like skin, bone etc, tuna is made into, block, steak etc according to order requirements.


Tuna is completed as product based on final selection factors (appearance, colour etc)

Metal detector pass

Foreign bodies, like Fe, SUS etc detected or not.)


Actual weight is printed by automatic weighing machine and printer.


Tuna is loaded into super frozen container of minus -60° degrees at only container place.

Release and Shipping

Tuna is delivered to container yard, processing for export.